February 9, 2012

The BEST party punch!!!

I found this recipe  on pinterest from NoBiggie.net and it definitely lives up to it's name! YUM!

1 can frozen pina colada concentrate, thawed  or 1 cup pina colada mix (without rum)
1 can frozen orange pineapple juice concentrate, thawed
2 2L diet lemon-lime soda
1 bag pebble ice ( you can get it at Sonic Drive-In for $1.60ish)
1 bag frozen raspberries

In order (or it will be a foamy mess):  pour the thawed concentrates and one can filled with water four times into your punchbowl and stir.  Add your diet soda to the mixture, then add a half a bag of pebble ice and then your raspberries on top.  She adds this note to the original recipe (NOTE: Do not insult this punch by using the crappy ice cubes from your freezer, The Punch will hate you forever.)  :)
Happy Drinking...and it WILL make you happy!

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