April 18, 2008

TrOpIcAl ChIcKeN SaLaD...


-4 CuPs Of BoIlEd, CuBeD ChiCkEn
-1 CaN of PiNeApPlE TiDbItS
-1 CuP Of SlIvErEd AlMonDs
-1 cuP Of ThInLy SlIcEd CeLeRy
-4 HarD bOiLeD EgGs ChOpPeD ThInLy


-1/2 CuP oF MaYo
-1/2 CuP oF SoUr CrEaM
-1 TbL. SpOoN LeFtOvEr PiNeApPlE JuIcE
-SalT & PePpEr To TaStE

MiX It All ToGeTher,AnD ReFrIgErAtE!

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