April 15, 2009


1 c. sugar food coloring

1/3 c. corn syrup

½ t. liquid opaque (optional)

½ c. water

1/8 t. citric acid (for fruit flavored suckers)

½ t. flavored oil

Prepare molds—Place stick into mold and clip in place. Try to not have the stick resting on the pan. Spray the pan and molds lightly with cooking spray.Cook on medium heat to 300 degrees. Let cool to 275 degrees. Add flavor and color. Pour into molds and let set until hard (about 15 minutes).

For sunflower suckers, cut a tootsie roll in half. Place cut side down and push onto the stick. Color the suckers yellow and use a butterscotch or caramel flavoring. If you put into a bag, tie the bag with green ribbon.

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